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Running the folllowing tip will quickly show you problems with title tags on your site.
Here is an example. I ran
They rank on page 4 for the word "shop fittings" in the UK. And here's why:

Every page has duplicate word at the start of their title tag.

You don't want this. You want unique 8 - 10 words for every page on your site, and these should relate to exactly what is on that particular page.

So in Google, run this on your site:

List up your pages needing fixed and fix them OR tell your web guy to change them according to what the content of each page is.

Also, you don not want your top pages being on non-sales contact. So in this case the delivery page, contacts, privacy-policy etc should be no- indexed.
We only want pages that sell to show up.
Take care of these tips and you'll see a big jump in your rankings.


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