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SEnuke TNG Review and Bonuses

This 10 Minute Video Shows you how to set up Link Building in 10 Minutes.
The program runs in the background over a few days and continually builds links, while you go about your daily business. do I need SEnuke for?
It is solely for building links to your site
Why do  i need links?
Because you rank higher in Google
It is difficult for a non-techie?
You can use it in a simple way that allows SEnuke to do all the work that techies do manually.
Why should I learn it?
Because you can build up some links quickly, get higher rankings and make more money as a result.

The Latest Version

The latest incarnation of SENuke is called TNG, the next generation. Basically this introduces the new turbo wizard which is ideal for first timers and those who want to whack out some quick back link building campaigns, to boost their sites in Google.


Screenshot of Campaign on the left hand side and projects it is going to run on right hand side.

SENuke has many options beginners night not want, and the more experienced who want much more control.
With the new Turbo wizard feature it is very simple to set up and let SENuke do its own thing, using what it calls its Full Monty template.

This does all the background work that many of us in the SEO scene have had to do manually for years. It will open accounts at places like article directories, social bookmark sites and social sites such as Facebook etc. Then it posts your article (or snippets) with your link, to those sites. It takes its own time and such a campaign may very well run for a few days.


For beginners or those wanting to make link building as easy as possible

What you have to do to start with, is load up an article you want into Article Manager, with your link already in it. (Do this first or you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to get started with any of the wizards). To save hassle, make sure you load something up to the Article Manager e.g. your own  article or let it scrape Ezine articles.(free resource).

SEnuke also takes content from paid spinner sites, if you happen to have such an account.  Be sure to add your link into the text of this article, wherever it comes from.

Screenshot setting up a new campaign and using content sources. SEnuke adds in links

Then you run the Turbo Wizard and add in your keywords, target links and the article you just uploaded (under content in article manager) . You also select the full monty template option here.
Now SENuke does most of the heavy lifting.

There are, of course, many options in SENuke, but this is the simple one you might want to run as a test to see how well it works. You could also run it on a site that is not your most important site, to see the results in Google.

Icons left to right

1.Turbo wizard is the new super fast way of creating campaigns.

2.Wizard creates automated link campaigns, as before, using drag and drop icons.

3.Article manger controls the content for your articles. You start here before doing any wizard work.
See screenshot.

4.Crowd searcher – you put in your keywords and your urls and Crowdsearch people will search Google for your site on your keywords. They will visit your site and click through & visit. This helps rankings.

5.New is a drop down list of tasks you can do manually but the wizards now do it and save you time.
Screenshot shows these tasks which you might choose to do manually.
some examples:

  • niche research
  • social network
  • article directories

After you have done this you would have used Schedule icon 6, to make them all work. But the new wizard automates all this.  Manually doing this is not recommended. Now you should use the wizards. You use the scheduler to stop the scheduler running the tasks for any reason.
When running, it looks at the tasks, selects them 1 by 1 and runs them.

Cut is when you select a project you want to remove or move somewhere else.

Run is for when you are doing it manually. You can run a task and let it do its thing like account creation, article(4) directly etc
Or just run 1 particular task of importance e.g. account creation or article directory creation etc

Optins brings up all the settings which you do not need to touch. Contains proxies, Capchas, spinners etc

Fourm is where you ask SEnuke q’s and other users also answer.

LHS window shows all the campaigns you have created and the Right hand  window shows all the associated tasks for those campaigns.

2nd level of tabs is SEnuke doing its thing and is not really used other wise.
Projects shows all the projects it has lined up.
Profiles are the logins for each project
urls are urls generated by SEnuke.
You don’t really need them unless you want to build more links to them.

This particular work flow is
1, Article manager (fundamental)
2. Wizard
3. Turbo wizard


Results of your run 1. Shows Total Accounts created



Results 2. Shows all the links it created. (Test them out, if you like)


Setting SEnuke up in 10 minutes video

I make a commission if you buy from me so here are the bonuses I will give you if you buy from my link.



Please email me here with your receipt for buying SEnuke and add in 3 of your top keywords and 2 of your top competitors for Bonus 1.
For Bonus 3 please give me your site to be critiqued.

Bonus 1. Comprehensive Website Report
bonus1-website-rptA comprehensive 30 page analysis of your site for your top 3 keywords versus 2 of your top competitors across the search engines and social media.
The report analyses your site on 11 topics including your keywords rankings, a list
of sites that link to you and to your competion and where you may be missing out.

  • It shows how you stand in social media versus your competition
  • It gives a snapshot of your site across all devices (mobile phone, ipad and desktop to let you see how your visitors see you.
  • It checks you for your top 3 words agains 2 of your top competitors.
  • It also estimates your traffic versus your competitors.All we need is 3 of your top keywords and 2 of your top competitors to run this powerful 30 page report.Value $299

    Bonus 2. List Building Course for Beginners by Peter Comeaulist-building-courses
    List Building Starter Course
    This is a 3 part email marketing bonus, aimed at beginners.
    Part 1 is a 134 page ebook called “List Building Success” written by Peter Comeau
    It covers email list building, creating squeezxe pages (wher you collect visitor emails)
    Part 2 is a list of 333 email subject lines that are proven to convert into clicks
    Part 3 is a list of 197 Squeeze page headlines, again designed to get people to give you thier email.

    Value $199

    Bonus 3. My 20 Minute Video Critique on your website and suggested improvements.videocritique
    I will create a 20 minute video on your site and point out improvements you can use to help your site.
    I will point out some of the biggest items that may help turn your conversions into enquiries or sales.
    This may include the wording on pages and how they tie in with visitors arriving from the search engines.

    • It may include fixes need to make sure pages are all set up correctly.
    • It may include how your pages link to each other for maximum search engine power.
    • It will include suggestions on your page titles and how you can make them better.

    From my experience, there will probably be many duplicate titles that have to be fixed.
    (Duplications incur Google penalties, which you want to avoid).

    Value $299

    Bonus 4. 100 Of the best converting email subject lines by a well established
    Plus 100 email body contents. All you need to do is swap in your own products or services to these, to make them work for you. I paid plenty for the rights to these crafted and tested converters, so I could offer it to you as a 4th Bonus.

    Value $199

    Don’t forget to contact me here with your receipt of purchase at SEnuke and I will give you immediate access to these 4 bonuses worth a total of $996



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