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Mailing lists versus email

Marketing to a mailing list is now becoming easier than it has ever been with the availability of email. It is one of the most cost-effective ways of sending
your message out to thousands. Compared to a direct mailing piece to thousands of people, email is ridiculously cheap and usually gives a much better
return. But what if email ended tomorrow?

What will happen to list building?

There are threats to email marketing. Number one is the proliferation of spam. Another is information overload. People now spend more time on social
networking sites than on email. And many marketers know that social networking sites, while fun to use, are not the first places buyers would go to. Next
on the list is the rise of instant messaging services. We are becoming ,ore and more connected and there is some credibility to the sentimetn that email
is past it. No we have Google Wave, which will become more popular in the future. So Twitter, Google Wave and social networking sites signal a change
towards real-time communication.

So how do we as marketers fight back? Well, in the future, email may be more advanced and more expensive. We may have to start paying more
money to do a blast. The barriers to entry will increase. Email may be something else entirely. But one thing is for sure. Building a mailing list (on any
channel) and marketing products and services to subscribers will always remain. As long as we keep a database of prospects and customers (no
matter where that may be) and give them solutions to problems, they will never go hungry. The medium may change, but the principles remain the

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