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Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Sales funnel template

The complete system for creating a website in a new niche and setting it up to make money.

What is Inbox Blueprint 2.0?

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 is the latest version of Anik Singal's automated sales funnel builder. It takes you through the complete process of finding cold customers who have never heard of you, into subscribers and customers who are willing to pay for your product or service.
It pulls into 1 place, all the elements you have read about and probably been part of yourself, when you buy a  new product online.
So you will be helped through all the elements involved, such as:

  • The creation of  a free quality eBook or report on your specific niche, in exchange for an email.
  • Paid and free traffic
  • The creation and design of the graphics for your opt in page, using and modifying any of 80+ provided templates.
  • Offers you several well written articles in any one of 80 + niches to use in your eBook.
  • Offers a great and easy creation of the cover for your eBook.
  • Provides an effective series of 10 messages you will send to new subscribers via its built-in autoresponder.
  • Shows how to set up a "Thank you" page that hooks up to 3rd party affiliate offers, associated with your niche.
  • Autoresponder that integrates with 3rd party affiliate offers you can tie into your sales funnel.
  • A summary screen where you can drop in and edit any of the above, very easily, any time you want.

Why would I need Inbox Blueprint 2.0?

Because it simplifies setting up a new niche sales funnel from scratch and making money online. This is a task that can take up to several days AND needs the skills of articles writers, and graphic designers. (That presumes you have good quality writers and graphic designers available).
You would also need your own domain, web hosting space and a designer to create blog or website for you.
You would also need to set up your own autoresponder and have 10 effective messages written and linked to your site.
You would also need to have a 6 article eBook written with a professional cover design.
Instead of this lengthy process, Anik shows how to set up a demo funnel in 16 minutes and to a very high professional standard!
What's more you can then go on to create a 2nd, 3rd and 4th niche very quickly.
Finally, it gives you a bird's eye view of your total setup.

Who created it?

The system has been designed and created by Anik Singal who is well known and highly respected in internet marketing.
He spent $200k on developing the system and used 16 writers and a total workforce of 24 in order to finalise the product.

How much money can I make if I use it on my niche?

This totally depends on your niche and the price of your final product or service. There are a number of different money making methods described in the guide.
This funnel is focused on building your list. It is this list that carries the real value and to whom you can sell your big ticket item. Only this time round, they are warmed up and know you... an entirely  different selling proposition.

Is Inbox Blueprint 2.0 difficult for a non-techie?

It is non-technical and you need no code. Everything is built in and is easy to use through the Members Area control panel.
There are 8 core modules you work through, to set up your niche.
Every one of these has between 8 and 12 lessons to teach you. Some of these are video and some are PDFs.

How does it work?

It works by setting up everything you need for your niche in 1 place on Anik's server. It takes you through all the things you'll need for your sales funnel.
Every element is offered to you for accepting or amending to suit you. That includes a large range of graphic templates and images to use for your ebook cover, and for your optin landing page. It also includes hundreds of specially written articles.
When you have made your selections of all these, they are then saved to your dedicated space on Anik's server.

These form your webpage and sales funnel. You do not have to create anything.
On the other hand, you can add your own elements if you want to, instead. In any event, you will still create the entire process very quickly.

Just some of the niches you can choose from:

The niches in the thumbnails have full graphics for optins and eBook covers, included. You can, of course, edit them to your heart's content.
They also have several well written articles you can add to your eBook. This makes the whole process very fast to set up.

The 8 core Modules
The left hand menu in the members area shows the 8 code modules of the system, such as Addiction Manager, The bait etc.
Each one of those topics is broken down into 8 to 12 video and PDF tutorials


eBook Covers
There are many attractive covers for your ebook to choose from . Always remember, you can edit the text on these covers AND you can also choose a background image from Inbox's library OR you could send up your own image.
Optin Graphics
Here are just some of the optin graphics you can use to get subscribers emails. Again you can completely redesign and edit them yourself.

One example of a great optin graphic
Finally here is one example Anik created for the body building market. As you can see, the graphics are exceptionally good, and will make a huge difference to your conversions.

The optin graphics are automatically optimised for mobile phones. So the above image is converted to this one, and is totally mobile responsive.


I make a commission if you buy from me so here are the bonuses I will give you if you buy from my link.

Watch the Inbox Blueprint webinar here

Please email me here with your receipt for buying Inbox Blueprint 2.0 and add in 3 of your top keywords and 2 of your top competitors for Bonus 1.
For Bonus 3 please give me your site to be critiqued.

Bonus 1. Comprehensive Website Report
bonus1-website-rptA comprehensive 30 page analysis of your site for your top 3 keywords versus 2 of your top competitors across the search engines and social media.
The report analyses your site on 11 topics including your keywords rankings, a list
of sites that link to you and to your competion and where you may be missing out.

  • It shows how you stand in social media versus your competition
  • It gives a snapshot of your site across all devices (mobile phone, ipad and desktop to let you see how your visitors see you.
  • It checks you for your top 3 words agains 2 of your top competitors.
  • It also estimates your traffic versus your competitors.All we need is 3 of your top keywords and 2 of your top competitors to run this powerful 30 page report.Value $299

Bonus 2. List Building Course for Beginners by Peter Comeaulist-building-courses
List Building Starter Course
This is a 3 part email marketing bonus, aimed at beginners.
Part 1 is a 134 page ebook called "List Building Success" written by Peter Comeau
It covers email list building, creating squeezxe pages (wher you collect visitor emails)
Part 2 is a list of 333 email subject lines that are proven to convert into clicks
Part 3 is a list of 197 Squeeze page headlines, again designed to get people to give you thier email.

Value $199

Bonus 3. My 20 Minute Video Critique on your website and suggested improvements.videocritique
I will create a 20 minute video on your site and point out improvements you can use to help your site.
I will point out some of the biggest items that may help turn your conversions into enquiries or sales.
This may include the wording on pages and how they tie in with visitors arriving from the search engines.

  • It may include fixes need to make sure pages are all set up correctly.
  • It may include how your pages link to each other for maximum search engine power.
  • It will include suggestions on your page titles and how you can make them better.

From my experience, there will probably be many duplicate titles that have to be fixed.
(Duplications incur Google penalties, which you want to avoid).

Value $299

Bonus 4. 100 Of the best converting email subject lines by a well established
Plus 100 email body contents. All you need to do is swap in your own products or services to these, to make them work for you. I paid plenty for the rights to these crafted and tested converters, so I could offer it to you as a 4th Bonus.

Value $199

Don't forget to contact me here with your receipt of purchase at Inbox Blueprint 2 and I will give you immediate access to these 4 bonuses worth a total of $996

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