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Blogging every week is much easier if you make it a habit

Google’s quest in recent years has been to tighten up on material posted to web sites in terms of quality content and non duplication of text. As a regular

blogger none of these should affect you . Their purpose is to cut out spammers who use the platform to try and build up power. Naturally precedence is
given to genuine material and genuine posters and that is why it is so important to blog regularly. As most things in life, the more of a habit you make it
the easier it gets. So let’s say you know that every Monday afternoon you do your blog posts. After you have done those for several weeks it becomes
second nature and no longer a chore.

Good prep. is to short list anything that you notice during the week e.g. short 3 or 4 word notes, that will remind you of what to write up about, and just
stick that on the wall.

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