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Direct marketing, blogging and building a relationship

If you want to change your direct marketing approach, stop trying to use interruption marketing and start a relationship with your visitor. Find out how you
can close more sales and be recognized.

New direct marketers try to sell on the first contact with their visitor . So unless you are selling something that the customer already knows, you will have
a tough time building a business . Use at least a 2 step approach with inexpensive products. This means you create an interest with the first contact and
get them to send for more information. Then attempt to close on the second or subsequent contacts.

If you are selling a product of higher cost, then go beyond the two-step approach. You will need to develop a relationship with the customer. They need
to believe that there is a real person on your site, not just a computer generating names. People need to feel recognized and appreciated. They love to
buy, but they hate to be sold, and if you make them feel like you don’t care about them, they will walk.

Too much of direct marketing tries to jam the product down the customer’s throat. Build an atmosphere where the customer is part of the conversation,
where you are addressing their problems. If you can solve one of your customer’ biggest and show them you truly care, you could earn a customer for
life. Work on developing the relationship and then go for the close once you feel the customer is qualified to buy and now trusts you.

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