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Blogging has grown as a means of developing authority

Blogging has grown as a means of developing authority and ROI on the internet in recent years for some very important reasons.

The first would be that it offers a very well established and extendable platform for allowing you to add content directly to your website. You can add text,
article, photos, videos etc. You can start conversations and allow others to respond. You can and should use it as the focal point of your business,
driving web users to it as much as you possibly can.

The extendability refers to being able to add all sorts of functionality
e.g. a contact form that is safe from spammers
e.g. A system that protect you from spam being posted to your site so you only get to see and keep the real stuff.
e.g. Add-on modules that allow you to become search engine friendly

Plus may many more. The beauty of a blog is that so many plugins have been written for so many different uses that there is little you need to lay out in
terms of development costs as you would in a normal website

The second reason for the wide popularity of the software is the ability for the owner to talk with and communicate directly with his audience whether that
be commercial or otherwise. Anything posted is instantly available to all followers of the blog and via what is called an rss feed. This instantly makes
posts available on the web for those seeking specific information.

All this is possible without the further need for developers etc because the modules and code needed to do all this has been tried and tested to a very
high degree. Conversations on blogs frequently get the Q&A sessions going and relate the owner to the real needs of his market. Obvious deficiencies
or failings can be quickly dealt with. There is not so much working in the dark when everyone can see how you handle questions or complaints. The
upside is that doing this professionally, adds to your authority and Higher ROI for your enterprise.
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