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Helping You Make More Money

Are you frustrated trying to make money from your affiliate links and getting nowhere?

Me Too.
Until I discovered a free simple 7 point tool to help my site rank higher in Google and get a ton of clicks. You can too.
Click here and run this tool. You’ll get 7 important metrics and some will need fixing in order to rank higher. Just pass them to your web guy or do them yourself, if you can.
Don’t forget to download your site PDF report at then end because you only get 1 run on your site. If you have a problem or mess it up, let me know here and I’ll get a report to you.

As good as I am on affiliate marketing, there is someone who can take you to the next level. They have a fully comprehensive course on the topic. The course consists of 25 video tutorials, a carefully constructed series of top quality lessons and a ton of interviews with successful affiliates.
You can get a trial run for free here.
If you go on to buy the product through my link, I will give you a bonus worth $500 where I will personally review your complete affiliate setup. Just email me your receipt and full details of your set up when you are ready.

Here’s a lite more info on the program.

There are 25 video tutorials in the course, these are 8 of them:

The videos cover the most important things you need to know to create an affiliate site such as:

  • How to Create a Quality Product FAST
  • How to Hire the very Best Voice Overs
  • eMail Marketing for Affiliate Products
  • Pay Per Click for Affiliate Marketers
  • Facebook Traffic for Affiliate Products

Video 1 on speed writing shows you how to use Amazon to find the topics and chapters of most interest within your niche.
Then how to research out some of the best answers.Then using all of this info to build or write your product.

The course is comprehensive and is a blueprint to ensuring you make money at the end of it.
In the lessons section the breakdown is:

  • 8 lessons on Market research
  • 9 lessons on Content creation
  • 19 lessons on building your website
  • 23 lessons on marketing ideas
  • 11 lessons on search engine optimization (SEO)

There is a tool in the package that allows you to pull in your google analytics into 1 place so yo can add and follow your keywords and track your visitors, where they came from and what they want.

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